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Welcome to the reference website for Wisdom!

Want to join us? Message me in-game "Timer" or you can also message "VerySmallChurches"

Wisdom is a new wakfu guild on the NOX server. We consist of level-headed and positive individuals who enjoy helping and experiencing the game with others. This website was created as a reference for various aspects of our guild and to have a compilation of excellent resources that will enhance the Wakfu and guild experience.

We now have a guild Discord "Wisdom Wakfu". I know some people like to type and others like having the option to talk (Hanging out, while running a dungeon, or farming xp). Hit the button below if you'd like to connect :3


The guild bank is used to gather materials which can then be crafted to benefit the members of our guild (Pouches, Ikiakits). These are the items that we are currently gathering, so instead of throwing stuff out, might as well check and see if you're able to contribute :3

Wisdom Guild | Wakfu Nox


The Rank system for the guild will be revised and re-implemented soon. Two things to note are that Lvl 100 is when you will become a hunter and 500 guild points makes you a padawan. After that the hierarchy will be based on Guild Points acquired (directly relates to how active you've been) and guild job performed.

Guild Prizes

This topic subject to change as we add more prizes**

  • Mega Piwi Pouch (12 slots)

    = 500 Guild Points

  • Adventurer Ikiakit

    = 1000 Guild Points

  • Satisfaction ring (1AP relic)

    = 2000 Guild Points

Members and their alts

Please let me know your main and what your alts are so that it can be added to the list!




Timer- Dre | Felurian | Wisedude | Darkest | Kvothe The Arkane | Entrepreneur | Auhri


Very Small Churches- Hitmeagain | Makethemoney


Zapzap Paws- Dragon Puppy Paws | Cinnamon Patty Paws | Xiong Mao Paws


Eilerris- Nefari | Allerris | Dartho


Menos- Nevera | Nethra | Xarat

Seriket- Miseret | Remember | Uhe


Mama Italy


Ergot- Psychedelia


Jikan Senku-Sha


Gerath- Ryuhi



Mordechai Shirley


Faile Aybara



Clockwork Corsair

Cina Li

Kasumi Hyu

These are the most frequently asked questions


Can I place some of my items in the guild bank?

Think of the guild bank as a savings account as opposed to a checking account. Only the items that are needed for crafts that benefit the guild will go in the bank.

Could I use the guild bank to transfer stuff to my other characters?

Nope, though there is an account chest you can use for that.

The account permisions are the same for most of the ranks, is that a mistake?

There is no mistake there. Though the rank permisions are subject to change, the ranks are to be seen as purely hierarchical.